Naboo Invasion P1-11

First Shot
This is another tricky shot to pull off. It takes several tries and plenty of luck to get the three star mastery in this stage. Fly your pig towards the X mark with the goal of setting off the TNT bomb after using your power.

Angry Birds Star War II P1-11 first shot

Power Activation Point
Activate the gun to break the metal chain as you are flying past the magnets.

Angry Birds Star War II P1-11 first tap

First Shot Result
The chain breaks and the magnet swing to the other side. At the same time you set off the TNT and break off the chain on the other side. The big magnet swings to the top of the metal blocks to the right, killing all the birds inside. Again, the chances are that the magnets will get stuck and you won’t succeed, just keep on trying.

Angry Birds Star War II P1-11 first result

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