Naboo Invasion B1-15

First Shot
This is a very hard stage to pull off correctly. Your goal is to aim at the wooden box in the middle. And bounce Yoda off towards the TNT.

Angry Birds Star War II B1-15 first shot

Power Activation Point
Activate the Yoda power right about when you are hitting the wooden square.

Angry Birds Star War II B1-15 first tap

First Shot Result
Yoda bounces off the box, heads towards the TNT, setting it off, and Yoda bounce to kill the pigs in the left house.

Angry Birds Star War II B1-15 first result

If you are having a hard time to getting this strategy work, you can also try to bounce Yoda off from the first gap and hope for the best. Again, this is a really hard stage to obtain three stars.

Alternatively, you may also have a shot at getting three stars if you use two yodas to destroy everything including the building blocks.

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