Escape to Tatooine P2-9

First Shot
For this shot you will have to launch with a semi high angel to reach the TNT Bomb. Aim your shot according to our screen shot.

Angry Birds Star War II P2-9 first shot

Power Activation Point
Activate your boomerang power after you have past the cliff. Your goal is to have the boomerang kill the hanging bird and the bottom right ice block. You have to hit both of these targets with your power or else you won’t pass.

Angry Birds Star War II P2-9 first tap

First Shot Result
The pig sets off the TNT bomb killing the birds inside the left cave. The boomerang power breaks the metal chain and the ice blocks. The falling pieces kill the rest of the birds and earning you the title of three star master in this stage.

Angry Birds Star War II P2-9 first result

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