Escape to Tatooine P2-19

First Shot
Like the last stage, you will only have one shot to make it to three star mastery. In addition, you will have to be lucky enough to break enough of the blue crystals.

Aim at an angle according to the picture. Be careful to time your launch to avoid the incoming laser guns.

Angry Birds Star War II P2-19 first shot

Power Activation Point
Launch the missile when you are about to hit the first platform. Your goal is to break the metal chain which kills all of the birds on the ceilings. If you cannot kill them, just restart the stage because you will not have enough points to get to three star if you use the second shot.

Angry Birds Star War II P2-19 first tap

First Shot Result
The metal chains collapse and kill the birds hanging on the cliffs. The floating platform all bump into each other and all get destroyed. In addition, a few of the blue crystals get destroyed earning you good points. After all is said and done, you will earn the much deserved three star rank.

Angry Birds Star War II P2-19 first result

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