Escape to Tatooine B2-9

First Shot
Compared to the last stage, this one is a cake that just require a little bit of timing. You want to release your shot when the chain is around the middle swinging to the right. If you shoot the bird around this time gap, by the time you reach the chain, the bomb would be swinging to the left.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-9 first shot

Power Activation Point
Activate your power when you have reach the height of your shot. Your goal is to kill the black pig while breaking the chain.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-9 first tap

First Shot Result
The chain breaks and set loose of the bomb. The TNT bomb then drop onto the bomb on the floor in the middle. Setting off another and move all the wooden block, killing all the pigs and leave you with a cool three stars.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-9 first result

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