Escape to Tatooine B2-8

First Shot
This stage features a really tough shot that requires both accuracy and luck. You will have to wait for the right timing to launch your bird. Your aim and path must avoid the metal chain that’s blocking your way. Your goal is to pass the rocks and few metal blocks, and destroy the second gear which releases the metal block to trigger the bomb.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-8 first shot

Power Activation Point
Activate your power some where around the round metal, so that you fly at an angle to pass the metal blocks and metal chains.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-8 first tap

First Shot Result
Your shot will break the chain holding up the metal block, setting it off to trigger the bomb. The bomb will set loose all the pieces and killing all the pigs in the game. This stage requires extreme luck to pull off, so keep on trying until you succeed. You must kill all pigs with 1 shot to obtain 3 star mastery.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-8 first result

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