Escape to Tatooine B2-17

First Shot
Aim your launch at an angle similar to the one shown in the picture. This stage will take a couple tries before you get that perfect shot.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-17 first shot

Power Activation Point
Activate the the special power as you are flying over the first metal block. Your goal is to swing into the diagonal wooden piece to break the wooden board holding up the metal block. The goal is to drop the metal block onto the TNT to kill the pigs in the first section.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-17 first tap

First Shot Result
The metal blocks drops and trigger the TNT bomb, killing the pigs to the left. The second part of your bird swings into the wooden structure to the right. The damage weakens the structure and the gear system, the huge metal block and chain drops, killing all the pigs. Wait a couple seconds in this stage so that all the actions are played out.

Angry Birds Star War II B2-17 first x

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