Welcome to the unique guide website for your Angry Birds games. We are different from other fan sites that post duplicate Youtube videos. Really, who needs another rehashed compilation of youtube stuff? Isn’t it enough that search engine is filled with youtube videos of Angry Birds game play already? We think that defeats the purpose at helping players to accomplish 3 star mastery easily in the game.

As semi-hardcore gamers, we want to get in and out of games as fast as possible. Scrolling of viewing a 1~3 minute video every time we get stuck is just painful, not to mention that the videos have ads attached to them. Those 5 seconds head time before you can skip the ads can really add up. This prompted us to create guides differently and make your life easier. guides you through all of the stages with images. We personally dislike “video walkthrough” as we think they do a poor job at guiding you to beat the various stages for the game. We created easy to use screen “shots” walkthroughs to help you through the exact angle and exact timing to activate those special power ups. With our guides you can easily obtain the three star mastery.

You do not need to freeze videos to see how they took their shots, nor will you have a hard time to zoom and get the angle and power ups. Please enjoy our original Angry Birds shots cheats answers and share our answer site with your friends if you have found them to be helpful! Your likes and shares help us grow and complete our guides. Thank you.